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Home and studio usage
Highest grade matched DACs
Classic multibit reference sound
Low jitter recovery technology
Miniature design
Easy control and input select - one touch push & turn
Quick view of settings and parameters
ADAT support (optional or preinstalled board)
High perfomance low ripple DC/DC
Galvanic isolation between digital and analog parts
External 6-lines mini HDMI LVDS input including emphasis and error information
Stereo, mono, left, right channel mode control
Normal, inverted both, inverted left or inverted right channel phase mode
Sharp and slow roll-off DF mode control
Automatic LCD backlit off
Adjusted auxiliary 3.5mm input for additional audio source
Optical and coaxial S/PDIF inputs
USB 2.0 24-bit/96kHz support
ASIO support
Ultra-low noise headphone and output stage
Power failure protection
No capacitors in analog path
Optional 24-bit PCM1704U-K upgrade board for basic models
Optional ADAT interface upgrade board for basic models
Thru mode from optical input to USB when USB source selected
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